MAY 2017

B.E.Strong Library Memorial Library Board Meeting                         May 15, 2017

Attendees: Joanne D'Ambrosi, Tracey Yarina, Sharon Stewart, Michele Liendecker

                Excused: Lydia Wojnowski, Mary Rhoades

Joanne D'ambrosi called the meeting to order at 6:43 P.M. 

Minutes from March 20, 2017 were read and approved.  Motion by Tracey, second by Joanne.

Treasurer's Report: Tracey provided report for March 2017.  Report approved: Motion by Michele, second by Joanne.

Director's Report: 

  1.  Adam Rhoades Memorial Fund Donation: Received a Thank You note

  2.  Annual Garage Sale Day: $660 in revenue.  Tracey reports the sign may only last one more year.

  3.  Electronic sign: No longer working properly.  Ryan Salmon re-wired electicity.  sign company reports the parts are obsolete and will send new ones.

  4.  Donation received from Fazekas Family for $50.00 in memory of Chris Jensen.  Sharon will purchase parenting books and forward a Thank You note.

  5.   Rubberband Races were on april 19th.  10 kits and 10 kids.  Very successful!

  6.  Bicycle Tune Up Workshop on Friday, april 21 with Ed and Pam Falk.  6 attended despite a very rainy day.  Hope to plan another.

  7.  Open Mike on april 7th from 7-9:00.  GREAT success.  Sharon will purchase a speaker and microphone system for the future.

  8.  Silver Bench Jewelry with Lisa Nortz will be on May 19th.

  9.  Gardening with Herbs with Sharon Stewart will be held on June 8th at 7:00.

 10.  Moe Down Bake Sale will be July 1st.  Bake Sale items to be dropped off at MeLinda Maciejko's before 9:00.  Volunteers will be Carole Murch, Sharon Stewart, Anne Russell, Michele Liendecker, and                                   Abigayle Liendecker.  Collections will be for The BATS Program and Backpack Program.  Can money to be donated to Lewis County Drug Awareness Program.

 11.  Summer Reading Program: Build a Better World

       July 5th first day of program and Thirsty Painting Party for kids.  

       July 7th at 6:00 Catskill Puppet Theater Program.

       July 12th Aline newman (National Geographic for Kids author will present her program.

       July 28th Adult Thirsty painters party.

       Sharon has purchased a stop action camera and claymation set for kids to make their own movies.

Old Business: 

  1. 2017 Budget was approved via email.

  2.  South Lewis Budget vote upcoming (Funds for local libraries on it)

  3.  Joanne will follow up on $1500 funds from Kulzer for technology grant.

  4.  Run Between the Libraries - still developing ideas for an Autum Run.  Diana Luther said she would love to help with the planning of this event.

New Business:

  1. Oath of OfficeGiven to Joanne D'Ambrosi by Sharon Stewart with Trcey yarina as witness.  Lydia must do this as well when she returns to meetings.

  2. The Turin Turtles 4-H group did some spring cleanup/landscaping for us.  Very nice job!

  3. Next meeting will be June 19th with consultant Paulette Roes attending from NCLS. 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 P.M.  (Motion Joanne, second Tracey)

Respectfully submitted by Michele Liendecker


March 2017

B.E. Strong Memorial Library Board Meeting   March 20, 2017

Attendees: Joanne d'Ambroasi, Tracey yarina, Sharon Stewart, Michele Liendecker.  Excused: Lydia Wojnowski and Mary Rhoades

Meeting called to order at 6;37 P.M. by Joanne D'Ambrosi.

Minutes were read and approved from the February 20th meeting.  Motion by Tracey, second by Joanne.

Treasurer's Report: Tracey provided report for March.  Report was approved: motion by Michele and second by Joanne.

Director's Report:

  1.  Echo was purchased and set up. 

  2.  School Budget Funds: The necessary signatures were obtained by our group.

  3.  Annual Report: Comparison from past few years was distributed and Sharon will deliver some to the post office.

  4.  Art Show:  Great success with plans for another for next year.

  5.  Basket Making Workshop was on March 18th.  We had 6 attendees, unfortunatly the three local students who were chosen to participate did not attend.

  6.  Light Bulb Replacements: Ed Falk has offered to replace them as needed.  Motion by Michele, second by Joanne.

  7.  Toilet paper and paper towels: Sharon has been purchasing them.  Joanne to follow up with Doug Hunt about new dispensers in the rest rooms.

  8.  Rubber Band Racers on April 19th during spring break.

  9.  Bicycle Tune up Workshop on Friday, April 21st with Ed Falk.  Sharon will contact the Fire Department about possibly using the Fire Hall.

  10. Open Mic Night on April 7th 7:00-9:00.  Sharon will follow up with Mary about the microphone.  Michele will advertise at South Lewis and ask students to register with her.

  11.  Summer Reading Program: Build a Better World.  Sharon will contact three performers.  

  12.  Time Sheets:  Tracey has some new time sheets for Sharon and will email them to her.

Old Business:

  1. Annual Garage Sale Day on May 6th from 8:30-3:00.  Fire Department will host the chicken barbecue.  Library will host the bake sale and book sale.  Lydia and Sharon will do the maps.  Anne Frei questioned Joanne about new posters?  Tracey and Tim yarina will hang the signs being stored at Mary Rhoades home.  The signs will be posted in April.  Karl Frei will help with some extra advertising.  Lewis County Chamber will add the sale in it's postings.

  2. 2017 budget was circulated for review.  Discussion held about including a $5000 line item for "community development".  Tracey will amend per above and circulate a new copy per email.  Joanne also suggested that, in future years, obtaing funds from the Town of Turin budget may be unnecessary.

New Business:

  1. Greg Kulzer, County Legislator: $1500 funds to be disbursed to libraries.  We hope for a technology grant for a movie screen for web videos, etc.

  2. Fran Gaylord gave us some possible "positivity messages" for when our sign doesn't have any events posted.

  3.  Adam Rhoades Memorial Fund donation- $100.00.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.  (motion Joanne, second Tracey)

Respectfully submitted by Michele Liendecker


February  2017

B.E. Strong Memorial Library Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mary Rhoades, Sharon Stewart, Tracey yearina, Joanne D'Ambrosi, Michele liendecker,  guest: Anne Frei    Excused: Lydia Wojnowski

Mary called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

Guest Ann Frei confirmed that Saturday, May 6th is the date of our Garage Sale Day.  She reported that Karl will do supplemental advertising as he has done in the past.

Treasurer's Report: Tracey provided reports for December 2016, january 2017 and February 2017.Board approved payment to doug hanno (Santa) in the amount of $30.00from the Friends Group account.  (motion Joanne, second Michele)  2017 budget was circulated for review  Discussion will be part of the March meeting.  Discussion regarding the School Budget funds.  there was a meeting on Feb. 17th, but information was not passed along to our group.  This will be a follow up item on the march agenda.  Tracey requested a copy of the Employee Sick Day Policy that was recently implemented.  mary will forward information to her so that she is able to issue payroll appropriatley when sick day pay is requested.

Director's Report: 

  1.  All of the old computers have been given to happy, grateful recipients.

  2.  The Art Party had 22 attendees.  Patron voting concludes on February 27th.

  3.  Annual Report complete and submitted.

  4.  Library Programs:  Game Night on February 10th and March 10th, Rubber Band Racers on February 22nd with Bracket Board,  Dr. Seuss Celebration on March 4th, Basket Making Workshop on March 18th.  We have sponsored three local students to participate.  Coffee House/Open Mike Night on april 7th 7-9:00. Bluebird Presentation on April 8th at 1:30.

  5.  Calendar Sales slower this year.  Price was reduced to $12.00.

  6.  Echo purchase was approved.  Wireless speaker for library use,  approximately $180.00.

  7.  Run Between the Libraries: Idea of a summer relay race discussed.  Follow up discussion at March meeting.

New Business: 

  1.  Yoga class at library?  Possible instructors were discussed. 

  2.  Author of Rush topossibly  present a program in cooperation with the Drug Awareness Initiative.  Joanne suggested and Mary to follow up.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:34 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Michele Liendecker