December Activities at the Library!

Lots of December Fun at the Turin Library!

       We have a lot of events coming up at the library this month.  The D’Ambrosi family Christmas Village is all set up.  It is a beautiful thing to see, so stop in during library hours to check it out.  Young and old are invited to help us decorate our library tree on Friday, December 9th from 5-6:00. Our annual Santa Night will be held on Sunday, December 11th at 6:00.  This always is a wonderful time for both adults and children.  We will have excellent refreshments, songs, gifts for the kids, and Christmas community spirit, so stop in to visit with your neighbors! 

     The Friends Group is holding their annual  Historical Turin Calendar Sale.  There are only 10 left, so get yours soon.  They are $20.00, and have wonderful old pictures of Turin in the “good old days”!  (You can look at one at the library to see if you might be  interested.)  The Friends are also holding their annual Christmas Basket Raffle.  Patrons and Friends of the library each donate items to a big basket and it will be raffled it off on the 21st of December.  Talk to a library trustee, or stop at the library for tickets, and they are also available at the Pioneer Café.

     Our monthly Family Game Night will resume in January, on Friday the 13th.  We are taking December off due to so many other wonderful activities.  So plan on joining us, and ring in the holidays!!!!