Turin Library Still Open

Turin Library Update….

At this point, we are still open our regular hours.  We are being very conscientious about wiping down doorknobs, computer mice, books, etc.  There are no longer deliveries through the library system, so it is “old school” and borrow what is on our shelves.  If you are not comfortable in coming in the building and would still like some reading materials, call or email us.  We can pull it from the shelf, wipe it down, and leave it in a bag for curbside pickup if desired. 

Our free wi-fi will always be on in the parking lot so don’t hesitate to take advantage of that.  There is also LOTS of reading material for young and old through our website.  We would love to help you get comfortable with using ebooks, etc. online.  And for the kids, we have free access to LOTS of learning sites as well.  You do need an up to date library card so contact us if it isn’t working for you.

We won’t be having any programs at this time, so the Thirsty Painters is cancelled, and there won’t be any Garage Sale Day this year.  We have plenty of work to do here at the library so we’ll be here regular hours for the time being;  reading the shelves, pulling books to discard, cleaning and organizing, etc. (and hopefully checking out a book or two!)   We will also be doing some read-alouds online and lots of other fun activities.  So check back often to see what new things we have posted.

Here at the Turin Library we realize people need reading material and computer access for students more than ever.  We are being very diligent with cleanliness and personal spaces in hopes to keeping these available for you.  This policy is subject to change based on safety and health guidelines.  Again, any questions at all, call 315 348-6433, www.turinlibrary.org. or Facebook Turin Library.