We are Opening!!

             Library Procedures During Covid-19

  • All returns must be put in the bookdrop
  • Masks are needed
  • Only three patrons at a time in the library – Knock on the window to see if you may enter
  • Use hand sanitizer as you enter
  • Fill out the health report form
  • Remember “Greater than 6 and Less than 10! (Stay six feet away from others and don’t linger more than 10 minutes.)
  • Ask for assistance before touching books. We want to help you so there are less fingers on the books. 
  • Don’t use the bathrooms unless there is an emergency.  Tell us if you need it, please.
  • Stand on the pages to wait your turn to check out.
  • We will type you in the computer and you will scan the barcode.  No paper bills will be handed out.
  • Only two computers are available for use at this time.