Beyond the Bag Recycle Program and Fall Update

We are busy with lots of plans for the fall/winter.  Our library is now participating in a "Recycle Beyond the Bag" Program with NexTrex and the Lions Club.  We are encouraging people to bring their non-recycleable plastics to a drop off site just inside the Library Building.  (During library or office hours when the door is open.)  Plastic bags that are not usually recyled (produce bags, store bags, ice bags, cereal liners, ziplocks, bread bags, bubble wrap, pellet bags, etc.) are being gathered, weighed and sent to NexTrex to be turned into composite decking, railings, and hopefully benches! Let's join in the fight for future generations!

Christmas Basket Raffle is coming, and the Santa Drive-Thru Event is planned for December 12th at 4:00.  Watch for more info on decorating our Christmas tree and hopefully some Christmas caroling!