You've Been "Friended"!

We were gifted some wonderful signs by the North Country Library System, so we are starting a fun fall event to show our appreciation of some of our wonderful patrons and community members .  We will sneak some signs on the lawns of "Friends" of the Turin Library, or "Friends" of the Community.  Hopefully they will take a photo with the sign, (share it with us) and then sneak it onto the lawn of someone else, and they will do the same, and so on etc.  Let's show our appreciation of each other with a fun, encouraging. supportive, community event!

Tails and Tales Summer Reading starts July 7th!

Join us on Wednesdays from 4-5:00 for some great Summer Reading! (It's all about animals!!)  Weather permitting, we will meet at the Turin Park Pavillion for these events so masks aren't required.  We have eveything from Make a Pal with a Tail, a puppet show, kids yoga, labyrinth walk, Utica Zoomobile, and a Tale of a Tail, etc!  Check out our event page or our attached schedule for more details.

       Summer Fun at the Turin Library…. We are celebrating our 75th birthday!

Paint Party at the Library on Friday June 4th at 6:00!

We are officially kicking off our summer events with this wonderful Paint Party!  We would appreciate  a $15.00 donation to help offset the cost of this program, just contact us to sign up.  Great program for adults or teens.

Memory Monday #2

This week our memories included Ross Carnie playing the bagpipes for us!

Memory Monday #1

To celebrate our 75th year as a  public library, we will be posting an old photo or memory each Monday . Check out our Facebook page for more each week.   Enjoy the memories!


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