"Imagine Your Story" with the Turin Library Summer Reading Program

We are very excited for this summer's reading program.  The theme "Imagine Your Story" is all about imagination, dragons, games, crafts, fairy tales, monsters, and creating your own stories, etc!  We will be following Covid protocol at all times, and have some wonderful programs coming up. Go-X Remote Control Event, Silver Bench Jewerly Making Workshops, Jeopardy,  Herb Gardening, Concert in the Park, Outdoor Movie Night, etc.

Music Monday with Undefeated!

Enjoy this wonderful performance from" Undefeated".  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vN7DP-tsoQvvGya-rOMAGryHHM8B3ljR/view?usp=drivesdk  They are a group of local teens from the Lowville-Beaver River area, and here is a note from them...

We’re 18, 18, and 16. This is our 3rd release, and we’re putting out the studio version soon! This song is actually written with electric guitar and full drums; so the studio version will be quite different! Watch for it on our YouTube Channel:  

Curbside Service June 15th

We are excited to be opening for Curbside Service on June 15th! Our hours will start a little different until we get organized. Monday 3-6:00, Wednesday 12-8:00 and Thursday 6-8:00. Email the library at turlib@ncls.org, Facebook us or call 315 348-6433 for questions or requests, etc. Check the Turin Library catalog for titles that are available at our library. Let us know what you want and when you will be here for pickup! Easy peasy!  See you then!

Music Monday Has Started with David Fayle!!

Our "Music Monday" has officially started here at the library.  Each Monday we want to show a video of ANYBODY performing ANY KIND of music!!  Our library usually has quite a few musical programs and we miss not  doing it!!  sad  So here is our version of "Supporting the Arts".  Any age group, single or group, any song or instrument, even dancing....


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